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2020 Fur Auction Results

The Missouri Trappers Association held it's annual fur auction at the Montgomery County Fairgrounds in Montgomery City. There was a total of sixteen buyers present and there was about ninety lots of fur. Sadly to say, the fur market is pretty dismal and it reflected the same at the auction. On a positive note, good quality coyotes fetched some pretty good prices, with a few bringing as high as $80.00, but considering some of the lower quality, the only averaged $20.00. Bobcat did about the same with high at $60.00 with a $21.00 average. The hottest item turned out to be beaver castor bringing as much as $90.00 a pound.

The auction went very well though with a good attendance of buyers as well as sellers. Thank you to Justin Elliott and his crew for putting the whole thing together and making it run smooth. A big thank you goes out to Ann Scarlet for her hard work and dedication as well as Bob Scarlet. THank you everyone that was involved.

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