Fur Auction


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1. Applications for lot numbers will be accepted starting November 1 to be eligible for line drawing.  Application deadline is:  January 1 for both sales.  Applications received after the deadline will be given the next available lot number.

2. There will be 90 lot numbers available for each sales.
3. One trapper per lot number. No more than four trappers per envelope and state if you want consecutive numbers on outside of envelope.

4. All applications must include a self-addressed stamped envelope and $20.00 deposit payable to Missouri Trappers Association. This will be a minimum charge towards your commission fee. If your commission fee doesn’t add up to $20.00, you are still required to pay the $20.00.  NO REFUNDS. The commission fee is .50 per pelt.
5. Buildings will open at 6:30AM. Auction starts at 7:30AM. Lot numbers 1-20 must be checked in by 7:00 AM. No lot numbers will be sold out of sequence.
6. All fur must be graded, numbered accurately and tied in bundles to be sold. No one shall have more than 5(five) bundles of any one species except for raccoon which may have 6(six).
7. Buyers need a letter of credit to buy.
8. Selling outside the building is prohibited. However, those that have lot #’s can sell their deer hides or squirrel tails to whomever they desire as these are not auction items.
9. You must be an MTA member to sell: you may join the day of the sale, HOWEVER, current members will get priority in the drawing.  Non-members will get the next available number. You have the right to refuse any sales.  NO REFUNDS.
10. All fur sold shall be owned by a member of the Missouri Trappers Association.
11. Any legal fur from any state may be sold as long as you are an MTA member and have valid licenses from that state.
12. Dealers or buyers are not eligible for the drawings, but may sell fur at the end of each sale.
13.  Send all applications to:
       Robbie Page

       108 McCulley St.

       New Franklin, MO 65274

       Phone: (660) 888-6364