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National Trappers Association Convention Highlights

The National Trappers Association Convention that was hosted by the Missouri Trappers Association in Springfield, Missouri this week was a success. The event took place at the Ozark Empire Fairgrounds which is just off I-44 in Springfield. There were thousands of people there from all over the country and there was something there for everyone and was a good place to bring along your family.

There were tons of dealers there from all over the country selling trapping supplies, arts, crafts and many other interesting things. There were also tailgaters selling traps that were new, used and antique. If you needed anything, there was something there for you.

The biggest names in the trapping community were putting on trapping demonstrations on how to catch furbearers from muskrats to bobcats. There were fur handling demonstrations on how to properly take care of your furs from start to finish to better the their value.

There were some kind of games and contests for everyone who wanted to participate. There were trap speed setting contests for men, women and kids,and was a skillet toss for the ladies. There were also games and raffles at almost every turn.

Tim Wilson of Sticks & Stones Rustic Cedar Log Homes & Cabins who is also MTA’s Chaplain, built a cedar log cabin with his crew on site. Also, world champion chainsaw carver, Dayton Scoggins of Mississippi was also on site for three days showing off his talent. Living legend, Larry “Slim” Pedersen was a special guest this year. Slim is one of the most well known trappers in the country who has his own line of lures and baits and gives personal trapping instructions. Also special quest, Tom Miranda of Outdoor Adventure Magazine TV was there as the featured speaker of the convention.

Another attraction at the convention was Miss Missouri, Simone Esters and Miss Missouri Rodeo, Kaitlyn Ayers, both of which were wearing their beaver fur vests which was given to them by the Missouri Trappers Association and was designed and made by Fur Arts in Kansas City. The MTA is a proud sponsor of Miss Missouri and Miss Missouri Rodeo. Each year they both receive a fur vest and represent this great Association well.

I can go on and on about all that went on there at the convention. If you get a chance, make plans with your family and attend next year’s convention which will be held in Kalamazoo, Michigan July 23 - 25, 2020, hosted by the Michigan Trappers and Predator Caller Association.

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