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Enter To Win $100 Cash

Join The Missouri Trappers Association Today

*All new applicants and those applicants who have lapsed for 1 year or more will be put into the drawing for $100 cash AND one free admittance to the 2019 NTA convention in Springfield, MO

*Anyone who signs up 3 new members will be put into another drawing for the same prizes, $100 cash AND one free admittance to the 2019 NTA Convention. You can be entered more than once. Example: you sign up 6 people, your entered twice, etc.

*Note: When you sign up new members, you need to be sure to write your name, address, and phone number on the back of the membership application so that we know who signed them up. You can <CLICK HERE> to print out membership applications.

***Drawing Will Be Held September 15, 2018 At The Fall Rendezvous In Salem, MO***

For More Information Contact:

Bob Scarlet

79 Graveyard Hill Rd.

Montgomery City, MO 63361

(573) 216-8422

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