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MTA Crowns New Miss Rodeo Missouri 2021

On January 9th, Missouri Trappers Association's pageant chairman, Keith Voss and his wife made their way to Troy, Missouri to the coronation ceremony of Miss Rodeo Missouri, 2021.

This year the lucky recipient of the fur vest is Victoria Wilson of St.Charles, Missouri. Keith presented her with a vest made of otter which was donated by our very own, Tommy Alexander. Once again, it was made by Debra at Fur Arts in Kansas City. Victoria was over the top thrilled with the vest. She told Keith later that she loves fur. Several of the Miss Rodeo board members came to Keith through the evening and wanted to express how happy they are with the MTA for being a sponsor each year.

Keith was also approached by several people from the crowd with questions and positive feedback about our involvement and the organization. Again, Keith felt that he and the MTA were very well received. Please tell Tommy thank you when you see him. Anyone who wants to donate some fur to be usedfor a vest for the future queen, please contact Keith. We could use a couple of bobcat furs for some trim, it really sets off the vest.

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