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Attention all trappers!!!!! If you are able, please make a point to attend the Missouri Department of Consrvation commissioner's meeting this coming Friday, March 25th at 8:30 am at:

MDC Headquarters

2901 W. Truman Blvd.

Jefferson City, MO

First, please read the attached document that was written to the MDC by the Missouri Trappers Association (MTA) concerning the proposed regulation changes of an early raccoon and opossum trapping and hunting season from August 1 through October 15 and a March 1 to April 14 extension of the raccoon, opossum, striped skunk, and coyote season on private land. The Missouri Trappers Association strongly opposes these proposed changes for reasons that are written in the attached document. So if you feel strongly in support of the MTA on this issue, if you are able to attend, please attend this important meeting and stand with the MTA on this issue.

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