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2018 MTA Fall Rendezvous Highlights

The first day of the MTA Fall Rendezvous had good weather and a good turnout. Mike Fisher, Tim Wilson, Rick Hemseth, Kendall Obermeier, and Clay Creech did the trapping demos for the day. The fish supper, put on by District 9 was excellent.

Here are photos that were taken at tonight’s awards ceremony:

Thad Davis, Tim Wilson, Gene Whyte, Justin Elliott, Scott Breshears, Ann Scarlet, and Rick Friedrich and Sandy Friedrich receive the Fur Auction Appreciation Award.

District Director of the Year Award went to District 2 Director, Cliff Fowler.

Appreciation Award went to Kevin Whitworth.

Trapper of the Year went to Gene Whyte.

This years first Hall of Fame recipient went to Tim Reed. The second one will be announced tomorrow night at the General Meeting.

The Presidents Award went to Tommy Alexander and Tim Wilson.

The Ray Brudigam Memorial Leadership Award went to Tim Wilson.

Also tonight, the Bob Whitworth Memorial Washer Tournament is taking place tonight.

Another great turnout Saturday at the MTA Fall Rendezvous in Salem. There was a lot going on and everyone seemed to be having a good time. There were trapping demos going on throughout the day, there were trap setting contests, and a skillet toss for the ladies.

Miss Missouri 2018, Katelyn Lewis received a warm welcome as she showed up wearing her fur vest made of Missouri River otter with bobcat trim, given to her by the MTA at the pageant in Mexico, Missouri. Later, was the MTA General Meeting where there were a few bylaw changes and some nominations for officers for next year’s election.

After the meeting, the drawings for the membership raffle, 50/50 raffle, and the gun raffle were conducted as well as the MTA auction for the night.

There were two winners for the Hall of Fame Award, one award which was given to Tim Reed at the awards ceremony on Friday night and the other one was given Saturday evening at the General Meeting to our Publications chairman, Albert Hemple.

Albert Hemple receiving the Hall of Fame Award

A lot was going on Saturday at the MTA Fall Rendezvous. There were trapping and fur handling demos throughout the day. Here are some pics and captions on the highlights:

There were trap setting contests and a skillet toss that were held Saturday morning at the MTA Fall Rendezvous.

Miss Missouri 2018, Katelyn Lewis, made her most welcomed appearance Saturday afternoon wearing not only her crown, but also her fur vest made of Missouri river otter with bobcat trim that the MTA give her at the Missouri pageant. The MTA sponsors Miss Missouri every year by giving her a fur vest made from Missouri furs which is made by Fur Arts in Kansas City. The MTA also provides her autograph cards which has our logo and name on the back.

Saturday evening started out with the general Membership Meeting that started at 4:00 where there were a few bylaw changes made and nominations for officers were made for next fall’s election, and Albert Hemple proudly received the Hall of Fame Award.

After the meeting, MTA Secretary, Bob Scarlet, drew the winner of the new member, David Karon of Spooner, Wisconsin with a prize of $100 and a free pass to the 2019 NTA convention that will be in Springfield, MO. Also, Tony Oden of DeWitt,

MO, won the same prize for signing up three new members.

Ways and Means Chairman, Tony Oden, proceeded with the drawing for the six guns that were presented as prizes. Not pictured, Stephen and Mary Wheeler won the Henry Golden Boy .22. Not pictured, Steve Harmon, of Brunswick, MO, won the Ruger .243. Not pictured, Stan Reagan of Montgomery City, MO, won the Ruger 22-250. Pictured are Charles Rock, of St. Louis, MO, winning the Henry Big Boy 44, Cindy Creech, of Sumner, MO, winner of the Mossberg 410, and Tony Morton, of Kirsville, MO, the proud winner of the Henry 22 Mag.

After the drawing, the rest of the night was taken up by the MTA fundraising auction.

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