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2017 Fur Auction Highlights

Today, the Missouri Trappers Association held its annual fur auction in Montgomery City. In spite of the suppressed fur market, this auction proved to be a success nonetheless. Justin Elliot and his crew did an outstanding job preparing for this event. There were 43 lots of fur present, and a total of 16 buyers were there bidding. Twelve species and more than 3,500 furs were presented. The prices were considerably lower than they were just a few short years ago but better than expected. Click here to view the detailed fur auction results.

The fur auction is just one of the benefits of being a member of the Missouri Trappers Association. Nowhere will you find a better or more economical way to market your fur. Buyers from all over the state, as well as other states, come together to compete in buying fur, which results in better prices. The fur is presented green, finished, or on the carcass. The carcassed animals are usually presented for the taxidermy trade. If you are interested in learning how to "put up" your fur to get optimum prices, the MTA holds several clinics across the state each fall to teach you how.

As an MTA member, you will also receive a subscription to Trappers Post Magazine and a newsletter that's issued three times a year. The MTA also plays a big role in making any new trapping regulations that take place in Missouri. So if you're not a member and would like to be, simply click here to apply.

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